Could iOS 11.4 Beta 5 Be The Final Beta Release?

May 15, 2018
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Guess what? Apple has finally released the full version of iOS 11.4 with Airplay 2 and new iMessages features.

The fifth beta for iOS 11.4 is available for developers, just one week after beta 4 of iOS 11.4. A release is expected soon, but is this the final beta we should be expecting before a full iOS 11.4 release?

What’s New in Beta 5?

Newer iterations of the iOS closer to the final release actually get fewer changes. Their main focus is on bug fixes.

The volume icon in Control Center was a notable fix, which was reported broken in the earlier beta version, fixed, then partially broken again, and now is finally functioning properly again.

Is This the Final Beta Release?

Beta 5 comes as a heavy 2.2 GB download, as compared to the usual 300-400 MB ballpark. This could be an indication towards this being the ‘Gold Master’ because the final beta usually has its focus on bug fixes and also happens to be larger in size.

However, the version numbers related to this beta in the settings still have hints that a GM release will follow the beta 5 before WWDC in June.

What do you think will happen? Let us know in the comments below!

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