Apple Starts Accepting Homepod Pre-Order

February 3, 2018
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The HomePod is going to be launched in the United States, United Kingdom & Australia on 9th February. The first batch of Homepod pre-order customers have begun receiving notification from banks about being charged on their orders. Customers have observed that the charge has been placed on their cards because of the Homepod pre-order as of early in the morning.

This puts HomePod pre-order shipping plans on track with past Apple device launches, and more customers should start noticing charges and shipment preparation order updates throughout the day. Next, the main arrangement of HomePods will probably start shipping out at the end of this week or start of next week.

Initial hands-on impressions of the speaker have been sure, with a couple of sites loving the design of the HomePod, a “quick and consistent” integration with Siri, and favoring the sound quality over opponent speakers like Sonos One and Google Home Max.

Among those giving impressions was a customer on the audiophile subreddit, who noted “essentially better” sound than Google Home Max, and summed up their post by expressing, “A single HomePod, for the size and price, slaughters most speakers under $1000.”

For the individuals who haven’t yet pre-ordered, HomePod orders placed on today are still available for a February 9 pick-up date or delivery in both White and Space Gray.

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