Diamond Diaries Saga Is a New (Yet Old) Game From the Makers of Candy Crush Saga

July 6, 2018
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This one’s shining! King Studios, the development team behind the iconic time-killer Candy Crush Saga, has released a physics-based puzzler titled Diamond Diaries Saga.

The new game looks like a re-branded version of Royal Boulevard Saga, a title King has been testing since 2016. In Diamond Diaries, you will play as Lucy the jeweler who is on a mission to discover of hidden gems.

During the game play, you will be required to drop the diamond to the necklace. To do that, you need to remove all the charms.

How would you do that? By linking up at least three charms together.

So original, King!

However, the title has its own twist on game play. Unlike the popular Candy Crush, it is not as structured. As the games progresses, the player has to act smart in order to prevent a dead-end. While in most stages you are required to complete a necklace, there are ones you will open dolls, jewelry boxes, and bottles to advance further.

This is the first game the famed studio has released in quite a while. While King games are perceived not to be as popular anymore, the studio is doing pretty well for itself. According to this year’s first quarter financial results by the parent organization Activision Blizzard, King has 285 million monthly active users with Candy Crush Saga and Candy Crush Soda Saga as the top-two highest grossing titles in the US mobile app stores.

Diamond Diaries Saga is available on iOS as a free-to-play download.

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