Apple Stops Signing iOS 11.3.1 After the Release of iOS 11.4

June 8, 2018
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It was all expected! After releasing iOS 11.4 for the public last week, the iPhone maker has stopped signing iOS 11.3.1. Not signing older versions of iOS after the release of an updated version is a regular practice by Apple. It ensures that majority of the users have the most secure iOS version.

The fact that Apple is no longer signing iOS 11.3.1 means that users who have upgraded to iOS 11.4 can no longer downgrade to iOS 11.3.1 for any reason. Before this announcement, they would have been able to carry out this process.

On Monday at the annual WWDC, Apple announced that 81 % of current iOS devices were running iOS 11. A big reason behind such a huge rate of adoption is the company’s policy of not signing older versions. This prevents then from downgrading to previous iterations of the operating system.

iOS 11.4 was released to public after an extended beta testing period. It brings new features like AirPlay 2, Messages in iCloud, and HomePod stereo and multi-room support. The update also has bug fixes and performance improvements.

As of now, Apple is testing iOS 11.4.1 and iOS 12 both. However, we should expect them to release iOS 11.4.1 to the public very soon. iOS 12 will be available as a free update to eligible later this year. The upcoming version will have important features like Siri Suggestions, an improved Do Not Disturb, and many others.

Have you already updated to iOS 11.4? What is your reason for not upgrading right now? Tell us in the Comments below.

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