Excellent Features Of iOS 11 you’re Probably Not Using

September 26, 2017
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We are informing you another secret of iOS 11 features which are going remarkably well since it’s released. In addition to big features like Augmented Reality (AR) support. Apple has added a really smart feature in iOS 11. The latest operating system this summer.

Here are some excellent and secrets features in iOS 11.

Share your difficult Wi-Fi Password

A quick way to share your Wi-Fi password in iOS 11. When someone is using your Wi-Fi, you’ll get the notifications on your phone. A very quick and better way to sharing your Wi-Fi password in iOS 11.

Use the camera to scan QR Codes

Apple has added another great feature in iOS 11. When you turn on your camera at any QR Code and a pop-up notification will offer to open in safari. QR Codes are often used for marketing and specific purposes like Snapchat etc.

Take live photos and video call

To share live photos and video calls with your loved once by using a FaceTime call. You’ll need to press the white button in the bottom left corner of the screen. But remember both participants need to have running in iOS 11.

You can share the live photos by turning the option in FaceTime’s setting and enjoy with your parents and your friends.

Type a question for Siri

This new feature is intended for those people who aren’t able to speak Siri, so let’s type a question and requests instead. And if you turn it on, Siri with no longer work with the spoken request.

The other new feature is included is Smart Invert, you can swap the colors, so background color will get darker and text lighter. It can be used a “Dark Mode” for making your screen easier on the eyes.

Save webpages as PDF

Sometimes you want to share an article and important notes with your friends or anyone. So, this feature is probably good for you. In Safari, you can share the select button at the bottom of the screen and scroll it to the right until you find the create PDF option. And the next screen will you show you a tiny marker icon in the top right corner of the screen. Tab and start annotating.

Start writing notes on an iPad

If you tab the Apple pencil on the iPad’s lock screen, you can start writing on a note. It’s a wonderful feature in iOS 11 to make note-taking easier on iPad, including making handwriting words, searchable if you had typed them.

Doodle on screen shots

When you take a screenshot (Power button + Home button) it will appear as a thumbnail in the bottom corner of the screen. Tap to start making it up and save it to your camera roll.

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