Facebook Won’t Add News Subscription Service to iOS App Due to Apple’s 30% Cut

October 20, 2017
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A plan has been made by Facebook for the publishers that will let them sell their subscription to their news sites directly on Facebook, but this won’t be available because of trouble working out terms between Apple and Facebook.

The feature will add an option namely Paywall that will stop the user to visit any pages until they have paid for the articles in the Facebook newsfeed and will take the user to the publisher’s site to purchase the subscription.

The reason for trouble is that iPhone want to get 30 percent cut from any subscription revenue brought by Facebook iOS app, but Facebook does not agree with this because they want all the money directly go to the publishers.

Apple and Facebook have been discussed about this deadlock for some months. And Apple has finally come up with this decision to go with the version of the feature that will only be available on Android phones. Publishers like Bild, The Boston Globe, The Economist, Hearst, La Repubblica, Le Parisien, Spiegel, The Telegraph, tronc, and The Washington Post will be working with Facebook.

According to the subscription rules. 30 percent of subscription of revenue will be taken by Apple from the in-app purchase after a person has subscribed to a service on an iOS device for more than a year.

News subscription services won’t be acquired specifically on Facebook, yet Apple still views the component as an “in-app” purchase. Google does not plan to take a cut of subscription made through the Facebook for Android application.

Facebook said in a statement to recode that they have committed to this effort and optimistic that a test will expand all mobiles plateform in the near future.

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