Google Earth for iOS Now Has a Measure Tool To Calculate Distance

July 21, 2018
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One of the most requested features for Google Earth, a measurement tool to calculate distance and area, has been added in a recent update.


Google announced in a blogpost that the feature has now been added to iOS.

“Ever wonder how far your hometown is from the North Pole? Or maybe, you simply want to measure the length of that hike you just finished. One of the most requested features for Google Earth is the ability to measure distance and areas.”

They also shared other useful ways to use this tool, like measuring the size of a park in a neighborhood you want to move to. It can also be used to generate interest in a classroom situation.

“Or if you’re a teacher, challenge your students to measure the distance between Tokyo and Timbuktu; compare the area of Colorado and Utah or create math problems using the map.”

The measure tool for Google Earth is now live. Users can use the tool by long-pressing on the map or opening the overflow menu.

Google Earth is free to download on the App Store

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