Apple HomePod Official User Guide

February 9, 2018
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Apple has released the HomePod user guide detailing all the new features and specifications of the HomePod.

The guide provide instructions on HomePod controls, settings and AirPlay functionality.

There are specific sections for Apple Music, Apple Podcasts, and News, which outline Siri commands you can use with the HomePod, for example, “Hello Siri, play some music,” or “Hello Siri, add this tune to my library.”

A home control section will guide users about Siri commands to control HomeKit devices and it also include details about HomePod as a home hub.

Siri can deliver messages, read messages, and create notes and reminders on the HomePod and there are some tools to turn off these kinds of personal requests.

Other noteworthy features.

  • Provide traffic information.
  • Set alarms and timers.
  • Share the weather.
  • Provide details on sports games.
  • Do unit and math conversions.
  • Translate English into French, German, Italian, Mandarin Chinese, and Spanish.

Numerous of the Siri commands outlined in the HomePod User Guide will be known to you if you are a Siri user on iOS devices, however the guide is worth going through while you await your HomePod delivery just to get acquainted with the setup and the controls.

The HomePod has been launched in Australia and will be soon launch in United States and United Kingdom.

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