Homepod’s White Rings Issue on Wood Surfaces and How to Remove Them

February 15, 2018
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Several HomePod users have reported an issue with Apple’s new smart speaker where it’s leaving white rings on wood surfaces with an oil or wax finish. Apple has since acknowledged that the issues exists.

The strange discovery was brought to light on HomePod reviews, as first discovered by Pocket-lint and Wirecutter.

Stuart Miles from Pocket-lint’s:

“For our tests, we placed the speaker on a solid oak kitchen worktop treated with Danish oil.

Within 20 minutes the HomePod had caused a white discolored ring to appear on the wood that some days later has faded, although still hasn’t completely disappeared.

We subsequently tested the HomePod on other materials: the same wood that hadn’t been treated with Danish oil and a regular lacquered desk and hasn’t seen the same issues”.

Apple told Pocket-lint that it’s “not unusual” for a HomePod with a silicone base to leave a “mild mark” when you’ve placed it on oiled or waxed surfaces while suggesting the rings are caused by chemical interactions with treated wood.

Jon Chase from the Wirecutter:

“An unhappy discovery after we placed a HomePod on an oiled butcher-block countertop and later on a wooden side table was that it left a defined white ring on the surface”.

Apple told Wirecutter that “the marks can improve over several days after the speaker is removed from the wood surface.” If not, Apple suggests “cleaning the surface with the manufacturer’s suggested oiling method.”

So how can you enjoy your HomePod without worrying about staining your wood furniture?

Put it on another Surface

There are many surfaces on which your HomePod won’t leave any stains.

Again, from Wirecutter:

“In other testing, we have seen no visible damage when using it on glass, granite countertop, nice MDF, polyurethane-sealed wood, and cheap IKEA bookcases”.

You can use your HomePod on partial wood, Kitchen countertops, and glass. Basically, if you can move it to one of these surfaces, that’s the easiest fix.

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