iOS 10.3.2 Release Update

July 10, 2017
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IOS 10.3.2, released on May 15, 2017 is available for iPhone 5 or later, iPad, and iPod touch. The iOS 10.3.2 update for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch is one of their mundane updates, with minor bug fixes and some new security enhancements. Still, before you download the update you ought to know a few things about this new update.

This review will list down both the positive and the negative aspects of the iOS 10.3.2 update. Even though this latest version of iOS 10 isn’t some big record breaking upgrade but, it isnevertheless a very essential release because of the several bug fixes and improvised security enhancements.

The positive aspect of iOS 10.3.2 update

The download will only take about 5-10 seconds while complete installation will take longer specially if your Wi-Fi is not strong enough or you are upgrading from a very old version of the upgrade.

So what is so essential about this upgrade? Well, the company has done a pretty good job at fixing those naughty bugs and improvsing your phone’s security. It appears to be stable on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, with not many users reporting abnormal reboots or sudden battery drain.

You wouldn’t encounter much change in this update unless you are directlly upgrading from iOS 10.3 or iOS 10.3.1. The memory upgrade can be more than 200MB

The negative aspect of iOS 10.3.2 update

Even though iOS 10.3.2 went through a six week beta process but there are still some persisting problems that many users have complained about.

Many users have faced issues during the installation process such as sudden battery drain, internet connectivity issues, random hang ups and restarts. You might have a greater chance of facing these problems if you are upgrading from a very old version of iOS.

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