iOS 11.0.3 Start making Problems For The Users.

October 18, 2017
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Once again iOS 11 collide with bugs, iOS 11.0.3 didn’t bring the solution to the users. People are still complaining about this version. iOS 11.0.3 has still the same issue that were presented in previous update 11.0.2. Many complaint across reddit and other social media plateform has observed.

  • Ā Problems regarding drainage of battery
    People are saying that still 11.0.3 couldn’t solve battery drainage issue and they are still facing issue while they have to charge their mobile three times a day.


  • Apps getting Freeze
    Some people have complained that their cell phone gets froze while using some apps. This start happening after the update from iOS 11. Still, Apps frozen issue isn’t solved.

  • Ā Slow & IrresponisveĀ 
    There are enormous complaining regarding this factor that even after the latest update 11.0.3. iOS couldn’t fix the bugs. Still, many users are facing issue regarding Touch ID, App freezing, and many others.
  • Ā Bluetooth Interference.
    This problem is observed by iPhone 7 & iPad users.

  • Ā Home Button not Working in 6s Plus
    We have found that usersĀ are facing this issue that their home button won’t work unless the press it twice.

  • Apps Not Working Properly
    This problem is faced by iPhone 6 users. Apps including calendar are not working properly and the alarm has glitched out.


Since these problem has been faced by people. A month ago SaaS specialist co-op Wandera ran information examination crosswise over 50,000 iPhones and found the individuals who had moved up to iOS 11 saw battery life decays averaging 60%. Apple is trying to fix these issue but still not succeed despite the latest update 11.0.3. Apple needs to fix these as soon as possible.

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