iOS 11.2 Introduces Ready Updates for Bug Fixes! Should You Upgrade?

December 4, 2017
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An unknown error is causing malfunction in iPhones and forcing the device to automatically shut off without warning. To find a ready fix, the device has released an iOS 11.2 Update earlier than it planned.

While, the new update has actually fixed the issue but it has significantly affected other various features of the iOS.

A Force Bug Resulted in Apple to Release a New iOS Version

When the new iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus started experiencing a glitch, it sent out waves of revolt and people went berserk complaining about the new technology and the odd bug on iOS 11.1.2. The problem initiated when the iPhone automatically jumpstarts without warning and continue to perform the automatic restart option over and over again making the device non-usable.

The cause of the bug was later identified as notification problem from a third party app causing continuous problems within the device. Apple was left with no other option, but to launch a quick release and fix of the iOS 11.2. Users can now easily download the update on their iPhone, iPad or iPod from their device.

How Can You Get Your Hands on This Update

If you are one of the many who owns an iPhone and experiencing a similar problem, then it is now time you make this ready update for your device. To do so, simply navigate to the Settings option, select General and then select Software Update. From there, select Download and Install. Also, while you are performing the following function, make sure that you remove all unused applications and files and make room for the latest updates.

What does iOS 11.2 Has New to Offer?

Mostly what the new update contains are iOS 11.2 Bug fixes. Also, Apple claims that it has worked on its wireless charging speeds and included third-party accessories. One may find a new set of wallpapers which weren’t included in the new iPhone X upon purchasing. Other changes involve improvements for video stability and redesigned emojis.

The Apple Pay Cash feature is now also introduced in the new Apple’s iOS 11.2 release. With the new Apple Pay Cash, you can now send and receive money both at the same time through text messages.

If you aren’t facing any hardware issues! Then there is no specific reason why you should opt to upgrade your iPhone to the latest iOS 11.2 version. With that I will be signing off for the day, have a wonderful time, stay tuned for more.

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