iOS 11.3 Beta released… What’s new?

January 25, 2018
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Note: The latest iOS 11.3 beta 3 is already released.

Apple has launched the first beta of the forthcoming iOS 11.3 update. This update has new features,includes vital changes and a long list of little tweaks. The feature which Apple promised has now finally debut namely iCloud Messages in iOS 11.3. New emoji, ARKit tools for developers, and many more features are added in iOS 11.3

Latest Features

Messages on iCloud

iCloud Messages was highlighted as an important feature of iOS 11. The iCloud Messages was pulled out from iOS 11 update while still in beta testing. The Cupertino Giant said the feature will come back in the future update and it might be possible that iOS 11.3 is that update. When you will open Messages app after installing the iOS 11.3.

Latest Animoji

The Animoji are small pictures that shows emotions, iOS 11.3 introduces latest four new Animoji. These animoji are tiny animated characters that mimic your voice and facial expression through the TrueDepth camera.

ARKit 1.5

iOS 11.3 introduces ARKit 1.5, which is a customized version of ARKit that can more precisely map the irregular shaped surfaces and identify and put virtual objects on vertical surfaces like walls and door.

The previous version of ARKit was not able to perceive vertical plans. Now ARKit 1.5 can recognize the position of 2D images and integrate the images into AR experiences. It also supports 50 percent greater resolution as well as work with auto-focus.

Health Records

Apple has design an application by the assistance of many hospitals, medical service providers and clinics to add “Health Records” feature in the Health application. Through the application, a person’s aggregate medical record can be accessed in one easy-to-access spot in the Health app.

Health Record can reserve data from numerous participating medical institutions and with the help of this users can get notifications of lab results and prescriptions are available.The users do not have to worry as it’s data is encrypted and protected with a passcode

Following are the medical support providers include:

  • Johns Hopkins Medicine
  • Cedars-Sinai
  • Penn Medicine
  • Geisinger Health System
  • UC San Diego Health
  • UNC Health Care
  • Rush University Medical Center
  • Dignity Health
  • Ochsner Health System
  • MedStar Health
  • Ohio Health
  • Cerner Healthe Clinic

Minor Tweaks and Changes

The minor changes that have been made to the operating system in iOS 11.3.

Apple News:

Now Apple news will offer top videos of the day in the “For you” section and the algorithm will show best stories in the For you section as well.


Official support for HomeKit software authentication options is introduced by iOS 11.3 which lets developers add HomeKit support to many prevailing accessories.

Emergency Calls

Advance Mobile Location (AML) support has been introduced in upcoming version of iOS 11.3 to automatically send the precise location of the user over GPS or WiFi when calling to emergency services.


The iBook is now renamed as just “Books”

App Store Updates

Each App version number and size of its installation is now listed right under the app’s name, both for updates that are available for downloads & the updates that have been installed.

Face ID side button.

Now there is a bit of animation when you install an app in the App Store on the iPhone X. This animation will instruct you to double press the side button to confirm the installation.

Privacy Screen  

After installing iOS 11.3, when the user goes through the device setup process, there is a new privacy icon and screen which elaborates that you will see the icon whenever an Apple application asks to use your personal information.

Game Center

You are now able to organize game center friends and remove any people. In the previous update you could only remove game center friends in one go.

AirPlay 2

There are few AirPlay 2 features in iOS 11.3 in which music is controlled on numerous Apple TVs through an iOS device once the updates have been installed.

Face ID Family Purchases

You can accept family purchases using face ID. This feature was not available in previous updates.

Future Additions to iOS 11.3

These features are not present yet but are coming to iOS 11.3 as outlined by Apple

More Detailed Battery info.

As it is the most critical issue faced by numerous user is regarding battery. It is expected that in iOS 11.3 the issue will be addressed and the performance of phones will be stable.

Business Chat

This amazing feature gives the  iPhone & iPad a path to communicate directly with businesses through the messages application. The upcoming beta will bring Business chat which will become available for the public in the spring. It will help users to schedule appointments with service representatives and users can make purchases using Apple Pay.

Apple Music Videos

Apple is planning to bring more improvements to music videos in Apple music applications. Apple Music will soon be the home for music videos.

Release Date:

As it is expected that iOS 11.3 will soon be released to the public in spring, which means beta testing period is going to be extended. This beta of  iOS 11.3 is now limited to developers. Apple is planning to make the public beta available for public beta testers.

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