iOS 11.4 Finally Brings Messages in iCloud, Fixes iMessages Syncing

May 30, 2018
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Messages in iCloud was announced last year in WWDC 2017 when Apple first showed off iOS 11. Now after almost a full year, the feature is finally available for all users!

Launched with iOS 11.4, The feature allows your messages or iMessages to sync across all your iOS and MacOS devices by storing them on iCloud. The feature may seem a little complicated at first, but here’s a rundown of what Messages in iCloud means for all the users:

  • Store all messages in iCloud for better syncing between all your connected devices.
  • Delete a message or conversation from one device, and it will be deleted from all your iCloud devices.
  • Store attachments, photos, and messages in iCloud, thus saving local storage on your iPhone.
  • Sync all your iMessages to new Apple devices. If you buy a new Mac, iPhone, or iPad, iCloud will sync your entire message history throughout!

So, it’s a pretty useful feature that Apple should have included with Messages in the first place, but better late than never.

How to enable Messages in iCloud

You’ll have to manually opt in to enable Messages in iCloud once you’ve updated your device to the latest iOS 11.4 release.

On your iPhone or iPad, go to the Settings app > Apple ID > iCloud, and toggle on Messages.

On your Mac, go to the Messages app > Preferences, and check the Messages in iCloud to enable the feature.

If you have multiple devices that you use, you’ll have to manually turn the feature on on each device to use Messages in iCloud with.

So, there you go!

Apple has finally released the much-needed feature mere days before WWDC 2018 where it’s expected to announce iOS 12 along with other major software announcements!

Time to pay for iCloud?

Since this feature is going to use your iCloud storage, it’s a great idea to buy a paid subscription if you don’t have one.

Recently, Apple started providing all new iCloud subscribers with free first month of service. With all the your messages getting stored on iCloud, you will surely need some extra space.

Let me know if Messages on iCloud is a feature you’ve been patiently waiting for or not in the comments below!

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