iOS 11 Adoption At 76%, Apple TV Stream Hours Up By 709%

April 25, 2018
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Latest iOS releases from Apple have always seen industry leading adoption rate helped by several factors (like immediate availability and support for older devices), and it’s no different for iOS 11 with almost 76% of users enjoying Apple’s latest software.

iOS 10 is still running on 19% of iOS devices while 5% of users are using an even older version of iOS.

While these numbers could seem a little inflated given the fact that iPhone 8 and above come with iOS 11 already installed, but on the flip side, any iOS device not connected to the Apple Store does not count too. Hence, an iPod Touch that doesn’t connect to the App Store is not counted.

On the other front, Apple TV has seen an incredible jump in the number of hours that people spend in front of it; a behemoth 709% increase. However, even this big of a jump leaves Apple TV trailing behind the likes of Roku.

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