iOS 11 Beta 5 Release Date: When to Expect?

July 31, 2017
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Apple has always been astounding when it comes to launching new products and also with new versions and features that always excite its users. Recently, Apple has released a new version of iOS 11 Beta 4 and is not holding back for iOS 11 Beta 5 that will launched later this year.

It is noteworthy that iOS 11 Beta 4 was released on July 24 earlier this year and gathered overwhelming response. Many people have already installed iOS 11 beta 4 version and some people are still waiting as they are looking forward to the finalized build.

iOS 11 Beta 4 Features

This is very reliable and stable for this latest beta with the most helpful features. They are more likely towards the final bugs out from his features. Our guide will help you learn how to install and download this new iOS version. Here are some new features of iOS beta 4.

  • Storage Improvements: This is very unusual for photos and videos lovers. Now Apple users can take more photos and videos in iOS 11, which is likely 50% more storage than others iOS.
  • Overhauled App Store:  This App store is more stable with the new iOS features. Now users will be able to discover more games and apps for this iOS version.
  • Files: This App will act as iOS File Management System. iPhone will have a proper Management System for their users to use and store their valuable data and files in this File Management App.
  • Control Center Customization: One of the most important improvements that iOS made more feel free. In iOS 11 Control Center has been created a more useful customization options. Now users can use more apps which are compatible with the Control Center.
  • Improved Apple Maps: This improvement of the app will help you and guide you more frequently while you are traveling. This Apple App will provide your guidelines about your speed, your destination, and your exits if you’re driving in the unfamiliar area.
  • Smarter Siri: Siri has few new tricks in iOS 11. Siri worked as a Google assistance that can translate phrases. Now, you can ask any query, and get a perfect answer to your question.

iOS 5 Beta Release Date

We see some new iOS versions released in every two weeks, but as per news iOS 11 beta five will be released very soon. However, the expected date is yet to be released but it may be somewhere in August this year.

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