iOS 11 Overtakes iOS 10

October 13, 2017
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About three weeks have passed since the release of iOS 11. Despite many minor bugs still, people are moving towards it. And according to the data that has collected by the analytics company name Mixpanel, iOS 11 has overtaken iOS 10 successfully and have adopted by 47% of its users.

People were too excited for iOS 11 as it has brought many new features with it. iOS 11 has now overtaken iOS 10 because 47% users are using iOS 11 while 46% are using iOS 10 and still 6.7% of people are using iOS 9 and the older version.

Who was slower in the adoption of iOS?

  • As people are thinking about this matter that who has the faster adoption, so it is clear by analytics that iOS 11 is far slower in adoption as compared to iOS 10.
  • Because iOS 10 has just taken two weeks to overtake the iOS 9, iOS 11 were installed only in 38.5% of the device in the two weeks.

Adoption Rate of iOS 11?

The adoption rate is quite amazing, as it is steadily increasing. At the arrival of iOS 11 it was installed on 10 percent of the device, and after a week it went to 25 percent

iOS 11 Updates till now?

Till now, three updates have arrived by iOS 11 to fix some bugs and issues that were faced by most of the users since it has launched. These are the three updates of iOS 11, and the recent update is 11.0.3 that has just launched yesterday.

Reference: Mixpanel

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