iOS 11 update about iPhone battery life

September 21, 2017
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As Apple has launched iOS 11 to the public after beta testing that took months. People were desperately waiting for iOS 11. Even it hit people long time ago. Before its launching people were discussing continously about iOS 11 on every social media. Everywhere there was only a sound iOS 11. When it gets launched, in a minute people updated their Phones on iOS 11. iOS 11 has brought many new features, bugs were fixed and plenty of more for iOS users.

After that people start facing some issues while using iOS 11. It is not only with iOS 11, whenever an update arrive there are some bugs that has to be fixed. Same goes with iOS 11, despite of that it has many new features, lots of bugs were fixed but some issues still hit the iOS 11. Many people faced that their Phones have slow than its pace after update. Speed was not the only problem because some people faced battery drain also.Some portion of it needs to do with Spotlight re-ordering and another rearranging that happens in behind the scene, and part of it needs to do with the basic truth that you utilize the phone increasingly while you’re investigating all the new highlights.

So with some bad news there is also good news that all these problem including battery drain will be fixed soon and it will be improved. The problem with iOS 11 is that battery life is not getting better

A research was made on social media like Twitter Facebook Quora people are complaining about faster battery drain after moving on iOS 11.A large number of the complaints originate from individuals who had recently introduced the new update, so they can be marked down for the present. Be that as it may, there are additional posts from individuals who have been utilizing the last iOS 11 work since Apple discharged iOS 11 GM a week ago. The Gold Master rendition of every io work, for those unconscious, is precisely the same as the variant discharged to people in general.

Most of the complaint was also get by the people with older Phones like iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. Also the problem were faced by iPhone 7 users. Personally my iPhone 7 has also been hit by this update

Now if you feel any battery issue after update, there are some solutions that can potentially increase your battery life

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