iOS 12 Code Shows iPad Pro With Face ID Is in the Works

July 4, 2018
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It has been long rumored that an iPad will appear that will work like an iPhone X. Well, there might be some truth to it. App developer Steve Troughton-Smith found a peculiar detail about the upcoming iPad Pro inside the iOS 12 code:

Simply put, the next iPad Pro will be able to do all the cool things an iPhone X can do. A TrueDepth camera module on an iPad Pro will not only give the device the power to create Animoji. It can also be used to unlock the tablet. This leak also align with the availability of multi-user login for Face ID, a feature that makes more sense on an iPad than on an iPhone.


Since this details has been found inside the iOS code, one can talk this very seriously. Earlier this year, a WebKit code references indicated the availability of iOS 12 for iPhone 5S. This information turned out to be true when Apple announced the supported device for this year’s iOS version. While there is no expected date of release for the new iPad Pro, many believe it would be unvieled somewhere this year.

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