iOS 12 Improves iPhone X by Manifolds

June 7, 2018
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Apple is just amazing! Even though iPhone X is a pretty solid device, it has its misgivings. Closing apps on it is a tid bit difficult. Triggering accidental screenshots is all too easy. Face ID re-scans aren’t a thing, unless you put your device to sleep and wake it up again.

Since iPhone X comes with entirely a new iPhone experience, these small issues seem to have become itches for the common users. Certainly, no one gets it right in the first go. This is why this year’s iOS update will make iPhone X many times better. It will make the phone more intuitive than ever, more streamlines, more Apple.

Close apps faster

On iPhone 8, I am a ninja when it comes to closing apps. Give me an iPhone X and see me scratch my head. For an aging tech geek like me, the entire process of closing the apps on the iPhone X is like a maze. Swipe up, press hold… erm what.

You get the point right!

Well, with the iOS 12, the process seems more like that of an iPhone 8.

This was first observed by YouTube tech star Dom Esposito where he tweeted a screen recording of how easy it was to close apps on an iPhone X using iOS 12.

As you can see, you only need to swipe up to close an app now. No more long-pressing!

Rescanning after Face ID fails

Face ID is an amazing unlocking system. It’s much better at recognizing me than most of my friends. Put the phone to your face. Bam! You are in.

But, then every once in a while, it fails–and it does when I am showing it off to my friends. Upon failure, I am asked to enter my Passcode. In order to get it back, I have to put my the screen off to sleep for a few seconds and turn it on again to activate Face ID.

As observed by Reddit user shakir-ali, iOS 12 will change this. In order to reactivate Face ID authentication, you will only have swipe up.

[Feature] You can swipe up to rescan your face again if Face ID fails from r/iOSBeta

This means you can now unlock iPhone X with a single hand even if the Face ID fails to recognize you at its first attempt. Sweet!

No more accidental screenshots!

Well, Apple has sorted this one too. Kinda, sort of. In order to take screenshots on iPhone X, you need to hold the Volume Up and Side buttons together.

Since both the keys are on opposite sides, there is a possible of pressing them together while picking up your phone. This results in a screenshot of no use.

To solve this problem, the development team at Apple has a smart workaround. With iOS 12, an iPhone X won’t take any screenshot when it’s sleeping. The display has to be on if you want to take a screenshot.

Of course, these are the early days of iOS 12. Therefore, consider all these improvements as experiments. However, if Apple goes with all of these changes, iPhone X will become even more powerful.

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