iOS 12 Release Date, Specs and Rumors

December 22, 2017
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It’s been a couple of months since iOS 11 was released to the public with the latest features. But it’s not going to be the last software update in the Apple history. Now the attention turns to the next version of iOS that is iOS 12.

There is no doubt that iOS 12 will arrive in the next year with so many improvements and changes. But the question raise is that, what exactly will those enhancements and changes are included in it? Well, those all rumors are really just wished list for the changes and additions that users want to see in the next version of iOS 12.

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  • What is it? Next and the latest version of Apple’s mobile OS
  • When is it out? Probably in September 2018
  • How much will it cost? Yet not sure

When iOS 12 is coming out?

According to the history of Apple, probably it’ll a preview of iOS 12 at WWDC in June 2018. And shortly after that, a public beta is likely to be released in September 2018. But the final polish release will land around the same time as Apple announces the new iPhone (Probably the iPhone 9).

iOS 12 news and rumors and features

It’s simply too early to say what Apple is working on. Still, we don’t know about anything at all about the iOS 12, the features below were all rumored ahead of Apple’s iOS 11 announcement, but they didn’t make an appearance in the OS. Usually, the developers getting early looks at the software to release the stylish new apps that take advantage of the newish capabilities.

What do we want to see on iOS 12?

A moveable back button

When moving around the apps in iOS, you’ll often want to go back to a previous screen and there is no back button option in the top left corner of the display. So it can be possible to see its position become customization in iOS 12.

Keyboard fixes

The first issue to resolve with iOS 12 will be the keyboard feature included in the last generation. Apple decided to position the keyboard with a sizeable chunk of space beneath the future, and Apple could definitely do more with the features in the iOS 12.

Improved Unlocking

Apple also builds to improve the unlocking features into the iOS 12 OS. And there has been a considerable debate whatever Face ID or Touch ID is preferable. In iOS 12, probably a lot of convenience if it was no longer necessary to utilize Face ID in order to unlock an iPhone X if an Apple watch has been attached to it.

Siri improvements in iOS 12

Apple might be introduces the new improvements to the Siri in the next year and it could be a central focus of iOS 12 release. Apple must continue to improve its features and functionality. Might be possible that iOS 12 users can get more usage out of the software.

More AR and VR functionality

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality will be the two big business in the coming years, and Apple has already enthusiastically thrown its support behind augmented reality in particular. While virtual reality has acquired a killer app that will sell video games systems. The technology has still been established as somewhat mainstream by now. Apple might be considered a virtual reality tie-in for iOS 12.

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