iOS 12 Brings Smarter Siri, Awesome AR Additions—And Better You

June 5, 2018
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By this time, you must’ve known that Apple has announced iOS 12 which will be available for all devices running iOS 11, including the iPhone 5S. That’s great news for the people who did not upgrade their iPhone for almost six years.

While the new version will improve app performance by 40%, the operating system is coming with a plethora of new features and functionalities. Many of these are much needed.

Smarter Siri

Without saying artificial intelligence even once, Apple has shown how Siri is going to be smarter and more responsive. It is world’s most used voice assistant as it handles 10 billion requests per month. However, for a few years, Siri had been on the backburner.

Not anymore! With the new Shortcuts feature, you can now train the digital assistant for things that matter to you. To make life easier, apps will show an  “Add to Siri” button.

By using this functionality, a user can record a custom phrase to map an action for Siri. This way, you can train the voice assistant to find your keys, order your usual groceries, or adjust your thermostat.

But, that’s not all. Siri can now advice actions based on your routine. With Siri Suggestions, you will be reminded to do things that are most suitable for that point of time. Let’s say you’re running late to a meeting, you will be provided with recommended actions, like notify the other party that you’ll be late.

Awesome AR Additions

Pray that your iPhone supports it, because Apple has just announced its augmented reality plans for the next year–and they start with a big A.

In order to create an industry-wide standard, the Cupertino-based computing company partnered with Pixar to develop a universal file format named USDZ (or Universal Scene Description).

There is a lot of software-based science going behind it–and you can read all about it here. Now, let’s talk about the fun stuff.

With iOS 12, users will get the Measure app which can estimate the measurements of straight lines and cubed objects.

You configure your physical orders on a website and see how they look in a real-time setting by just tapping the object.

And, then there are the games. You can build pair your real-time Lego builds with virtual ones. You can play multiplayer games using virtual setups. 

It’s one of those features I want. Right now!

Better You

In our lives, screens are taking a lot of our time. This is why Apple is releasing a self-activity monitoring tool called Screen Time. Through this app, you will a detailed weekly report on how you doin’. With these reports, you can check if you are actually productive or just wasting time.

However, Apple has take this monitoring tool a step further by adding some self-conditioning features. Inside Screen Time, you can set a usage time period for a specific app with App Limits. Once the time is nearing its end, you will be reminded about it. Once the time is over, you will be politely told to move on. Should you wish to have an extension, that will be available.

For parents, they can now create allowances for their kids’ devices. You can set timer for specific apps or grouped apps, you can also limit their access to certain apps that parents may feel are not appropriate for their children.

Then, there are few new additions to Do Not Disturb. In iOS 12, you will be able to set a ending time where the feature will be automatically turned off. Plus, it gets cooler. When it’s time to sleep, the screen blanks out and you can return to your business when you wake.


Developer betas are available and Public beta would be available somewhere in the summer. Of course, you want to use the full thing on your iPhones and iPads. For that, you will have to wait for September when the date of final release for iOS will be communicated. You need to have iPhone 5S, iPad mini, 2 or iPad Air (2013). Obviously, anything newer than the mentioned devices will also run iOS 12.

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