iOS 12 Rumors and Expectations

March 16, 2018
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Apple is expected to announce iOS 12 on June 4 at WWDC. Every year, Apple’s developers conference is filled with new and exciting features, so here’s our thoughts, based on leaks and rumors, on the next iteration of iOS and what we expect from the tech giant.

What you need to know:

  • iOS 12 is the next major software update for iPhone and iPad.
  • iOS 12 will be announced on June 4, with launch in September alongside new iPhones.
  • iOS 12 will be free of charge and won’t cost you a dime.

Apple’s next generation mobile software is in dire need of beta releases early to avoid the sufferings that iOS 11 had to go through. And that’s what Apple’s focused on. Hence, you can expect a highly stable iOS 12 release alongside the rumored iPhone 9 and iPhoneX2 (if that’s what they’re named).

The big news is that Apple’s focused on stability more than new features for this major release. This may be both good and bad news, but a working OS over a crashing one is something no one can argue with.

There has been a lot of talk about a cross-platform connectivity between iOS and macOS, and this might be a big step towards better integration between the two devices. Apple may bring first and third-party iOS apps to your Mac computer, while Apple’s own apps, like Home, are said to be finally making the jump. This might prove to be a huge leap in how we interact with our Macs.

You can expect more Animojis to feature in places like FaceTime and other apps to make things more lively.

However, while these rumors are all great, there’s a lot to be desired from iOS 12 since it’s going to power our iDevices for the next entire year. Needless to say, there’s a lot to be wished, but if Apple fulfills this wishlist, it will surely have a lot of satisfied customers:

Here’s our wishlist for iOS 12:

1. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth toggles to work properly

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth toggles to function properly from the control center would be really something to look forward to. iOS 11 saw an upgraded control center but not being able to turn off Wi-Fi or Bluetooth from it is not exactly ideal. Tapping on their toggles will disconnect you from their networks but won’t turn off their radios. This comes in handy with Apple Watch 3 and Apple Pencil but there are many reasons for which you might want to fully disable them. Currently that is done from the settings screen.

2. Camera Controls in Camera App

Camera controls like frame rates and formats to be included in the camera app, currently they are again currently in the settings section. This creates hassle and most people are still unaware of those extended controls beyond the ones already included in the camera app.

3. Proper File Management

Files was supposed to be file explorer and file manager for iOS. But in reality is just lacks the control over the files on your device. It is empty when you open it, you can connect cloud drives to it but your local files need to be manually saved to Files before they can be visible.

4. Improved Autofill

Apple has added a ‘Password Autofill for Apps’ to iOS 11 but it only provides functionality for the passwords stored with Apple. It can’t tap into your favorite password managers, which is a hassle for you to enter your sign in details the first time. It just lacks the seamless integration.

5. Wishlist

The option for ‘Add to Wishlist’ to return for in App Store. It was a useful tool for remembering apps to buy later. This feature was removed in an earlier iOS version and it has been an inconvenience having to browse through searching for an app that was right in front of you.

If I have to sum up all the rumors and expectations from the new iOS in two words: ‘stability’ and ‘cross-platform-functionality’. Okay that’s four words but in my opinion it is, in a nutshell, what I expect from the new iOS announcement at WWDC this year.

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