Apple Announces iOS 12 with Support for Devices as Old as iPhone 5S

June 4, 2018
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Whoever dug that leaks should get a cookie! Yes, it’s confirmed. At the time of final release, the iOS 12 will support iPhone 5S (or newer) with performance improvements for all devices.

At the event, there was a lot of show-and-tell for the upcoming iOS version. But, there were solid statistics about the mobile operating system. The biggest was the expected performance improvements.

The new iOS will perform 40% faster when it comes to apps, 50% quicker for keyboard launches, and 70% speedier camera start. This was done by fine tuning the processing when a CPU is under “load”.

Since Apple is giving the upgrade to all the devices that supported iOS 11, this means iOS 12 will work on iPhone 5, iPhone Air (2013), and iPad mini 2. This means it’s a incredible support span of 6 years. It’s something unheard in the Android ecosystem.

Talking about Android, it stands nowhere when it’s comes to adoption rate. iOS 11 runs on 81% of the one-billion iOS devices as compared to 6% for Android Oreo.

However, it seems like iOS 11 was not a disappointment either. Apple reports that the customer satisfaction rate stands at 95%.

The new iOS 12 is not just a bunch of performance upgrades. The operating system comes with tons of new features, including AR features, Siri Shortcuts, improved Photos search and Stocks app, and a new reading app called Apple Books.

The free iOS 12 upgrade will be available for all iOS 11 supported devices, later this year.

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