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March 8, 2018
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Hundreds of thousands of readers flock to iOS Appers every month to get the latest news, tutorials, guides, and most importantly Apps and Games reviews.

To give you all a better experience, our team sat down at the end of last year and brainstormed what we could do to better your experience on iOS Appers. The resulting website, that you’re browsing right now, is a culmination of tons of consequent meetings and hundreds of man hours spent to revamp your experience.

Here’s what our website looked like yesterday:

Here’s what our website looks like now:

We drill iOS apps through a gruelling process that allows us to serve you the best apps so you can download and shell your hard earned money on our recommendation with your eyes closed.

iOS Appers Revamped

iOS Appers is now much more than just a review website. Here are some great sections we’ve introduced that will help you through and through on your iOS journey.

  • Top Lists
  • Top Apps Recommendation
  • Top Games Recommendation
  • Top Accessory Recommendation
  • Interviews
  • Developers Corner
  • And a lot more to come soon.

Each new section and feature will cater to something to each and every one of our readers. We’ll highlight the greats in the industry through our Interviews section, shed light on the developers through our Developers Corner, and bring you the best of the Apps world through our Top Lists section.

Appers is committed to enhancing your iOS journey, no matter where you are. Our sister website, will see a similar treatment soon and overhaul your Mac journey as well.

So hold on tight, embrace the new change, and be ready for a complete iOS solution to come your way.

If you have any suggestions, we’d love to hear it. Get in touch by sending an email at [email protected]


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