iPad Remains the World’s Most Desired Tablet by a Noteworthy Margin, Says IDC Report

February 6, 2018
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iPad remains the world’s most desired tablet by a noteworthy margin, having beaten competing devices from Samsung and Amazon last year, as indicated by information shared by IDC today.

Apple sold 43.8 million iPad units in 2017, as confirmed by its quarterly profit result, while IDC approximates that Samsung and Amazon shipped 24.9 million and 16.7 million tablets respectively last year.

The Samsung-Amazon aggregate of 41.6 million tablets sold is 2.2 million lower than total iPad sales.

26.8 percent share of the tablet market was captured by Apple in 2017, implying that approximately one in four tablets sold in 2017 was an iPad. This highlights an yearly 2.5 percent increase in Apple’s share in the tablet market.

A week ago, Apple announced income of $5.8 billion from iPad sales in the final quarter of 2017, representing a growth of six percent in contrast to the year-ago quarter.

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