iPhone 8 Apparently Prepare For September 12

August 24, 2017
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A juicy news for the iPhone 8 users. Apple typically sends out invitations for its annual iPhone reveal event. Apple will expose new iPhone models next month and the latest report is that, this year’s iPhone 8, iPhone 7s, and iPhone 7s Plus event date as for Tuesday, September 12. And also iPhone models will go on sale a week and a half later, on Friday, September 22

Apple could also announce the OLED iPhone during the time expecting there’s anyone to prior rumors of its delayed release in October.

Apple in history takes after every year, setting an occasion on a Tuesday or Wednesday, and then actually launching the new iPhone half a month later, on a Friday.¬†Mac4Ever’s prediction is sourced by information gained from a few French telephone carriers, but at this point, any general event date guess on a Tuesday or Wednesday toward the beginning of September could end up as the winning date chosen by Apple, so continue to take these event rumors with a grain of salt.

Apple’s financial quarter ends Saturday, September 30, so it’s likely that the company aims to have its iPhone 8 event early in September, followed by the launch a week or so later. This would provide enough margin between the launch and the end of the quarter to account for a boost in iPhone sales figures.

Therefore, in the first week of September, Wednesday, September 6 is the possibility for the event, although Tuesday, September 5 is less likely due to the nearness to Labor Day the day prior, which would likely expect the press to travel on the holiday. If Apple held an event on September 6, the iPhones could possibly launch Friday, September 15.

Likewise, the second week of September includes¬†Mac4Ever’s expected date of September 12, and Wednesday, September 13 could also potentially be a possibility for the occasion. Both of these dates suggest an iPhone make a big appearance on Friday, September 22.

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