iPhone 8 – Major Clues Revealed

August 2, 2017
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Apple continuous launching a magnificent updates and features for their users. Apple is always with the users to update their life style and know about the latest technology of iPhone. Apple is really serious about keeping its secrets, products and any prevent leaks

But recently, in some rare instance, Apple mistakenly released the software code that contains some juicy news about its newly launched iPhone 8.

The biggest bombshell Apple leak in years came from Apple itself” Wired said.

But more accurately, Software developer Steve-Smith who did all the hard work. He believes, found some new juicy clues about the next iPhone. He combed through the code for a new version of firmware for Apple’s HomePod speaker before it was meant to be public.

Just a couple days, Mr. Smith found the code that appears to reveal a new upcoming feature that would let you unlock an iPhone with your face, through BKFaceDetect. This embedded code phrases such as “MultipleFaces” and “TooCloseToCamera” which is likely to say how the iPhone will deal with certain situations when the facial recognition feature is activated.

And also buried, what will appears to be an image showing?  What will the basic structure of the new upcoming iPhone might be look like. As expecting, what image means to iPhone with very similar body of around the screen with reducing the size of the bezel. Recently Samsung and LG have produced phones with very similar designs.

On Sunday night in US, Mr. Smith said:

A lot of people at Apple are going to have a nasty Monday.”

And the Analysts have been predicting that, Apple will try to eliminate the home button and look to release a phone almost entirely free of the bezel. The face recognition technology gives some serious expectation for their customers to unlock the phone

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