iPhone 8 Outsold Every Other Smartphone in May

July 6, 2018
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According to the latest data from Counterpoint Research, Apple is back at the top selling spot for smartphones. In their blog post, the researcher observed iPhone 8 is at the top followed by Galaxy S9 Plus. However, things are bit a vague. The graph provided by the research team show that both the phones gathered the same percentage of total global sales: around 2.4%

However, the explanation suggests Apple has done better in May due to its “strong promotions (‘How to shoot on iPhone’) running up to the football (soccer) World Cup.”

The uptick in sales arrived from Europe whereas the numbers in the United States stayed the same.

This dominance is a big deal. A month earlier, iPhone 8 was at number 5. This shows the good ol’ familiarity of iPhone 8 is still a crowd favorite.

What about iPhone X?

iPhone X landed as a closed third with 2.3% of global sales. Coincidentally, the sales percentage remained the same for the month of April. This dispels any doubts about the device’s popularity.

This is good news considering Apple would be releasing at least three new iPhones in somewhere in the next two months.

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