iPhone 8 Plus – The Best Smartphone Camera Ever

September 23, 2017
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This time we are here to inform you about the best smartphone camera. Recently Apple has launched the new iPhones. Testers got charge everything about this new released. Everything has been tested after the new iPhones have been released, its shape, internal functions and many of more. And in the result, they have got some unique accessories during the testing. Many testers said, Apple launched the best smartphone camera in iPhone 8 Plus ever.

Apple has been throughout excellent from its products. And this time quite brilliant with the camera of iPhone 8 Plus. iPhone 8 Plus is the best performing smartphone camera we have ever tested, in Reports.

A 12MP main (wide-angle) camera with (BSI) sensor f/1.8 lens) and a 12MP telephoto camera (with f/2.8 lens) which improved its quality in every single category. The iPhone 8 Plus camera scores exceptionally brilliant in both zoom quality and bokeh quality and also improves face detection accuracy. It includes amazing capturing high-dynamic-range scenes and images which means to recognize faces. Other specifications include are Portrait mode, Portrait lightening (beta), Optical image stabilization (main camera only), Quad-LED and Auto HDR.

Overall it is the best product for photographers and craziest users. The best choice for taking pictures and making videos to make your life more memorable.

Here is the score list of the best camera features in the smartphones. According to


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