iPhone 8 Wireless Charging Feature Might Disappoint You

August 30, 2017
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There is something new information about iPhone 8 wireless charging. All set within the iPhone 8 features but somehow, there is some issue with iPhone wireless charging. The iPhone 8 is only about two weeks away. The leading design overhaul in Apple’s smartphone lineup in years, as expected. The device is said to make them some new features including wireless charging. The iPhone 8 was before reputed to highlight Energous’ long-distance wireless charging innovation. As we mentioned before and also a new report coming out of Japan submits that the iPhone 8 wireless charging feature might end up with disappointing a lot of fans.

iPhone 8 Wireless Charging feature would be extremely slow

Customers are eagerly anticipating Apple’s 10th anniversary iPhone. Before this year, the Cupertino Company joined the Wireless Charging Consortium, which started theories that the iPhone 8 would launch with Qi charging technology. At present, Japanese blog Mac Otakara reports that the iPhone 8 wireless charging feature will be restricted to 7.5W. Conversely, the latest Qi 1.2 models support up to 15W.

So, the story is coming to true, the iPhone 8 will charge just behave as its Android counterparts, which may turn off several potential purchasers. In spite of the fact that it would be based on Qi, the technology will be pulled so that the iPhone 8 supports only Apple’s charging pads or those that to its Made for iPhone (Mfi) program. So, it means the third-party accessories makers should make some payments to Apple.

Android titans like Samsung and LG Electronics utilize the Qi charging standard on their leading smartphones. The Qi charging speed is as of now slower than wired charging. As long as providing just half as much power as the Qi standard will make the iPhone 8 extremely slow to charge wirelessly. And if it’s any relief, the iPhone 8 wireless charging feature will be better than the 5W charger.

This is not the surprising thing is that the iPhone 8 wireless charging feature indeed turns out to be different from others. The Cupertino Company has always been done with the things its own specific manner, whether you love it or hate it. Simply look at the Lightning port. Additionally, the Apple Watch works just with an Apple charger, even the fact that it depends on Qi charging technology. You can’t purchase the Chinese chargers.

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