iPhone to block text, calls and other notification while driving in new iOS 11

August 2, 2017
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If you anticipate getting another iPhone, you will most likely be unable to make utilization of it while driving.

People are aware of the threats while messaging and driving, and just utilize hands-free and loudspeaker if it’s too important. The decision is that if it was acute severe and fatal, it could delay until the point that I have securely pulled over.

Despite that, you are an iPhone user that likes to check your WhatsApp or Facebook messages while driving; you will be unable to do as such if you anticipate getting the new models that accompany the new iOS 11 working framework.

In a seek to eliminate the desire to inspect your phone while driving, a newly ” do not disturb while driving” mode will arrive with the new models which will turn off your notification such as calls, text, etc. during driving.

The feature is so smart that even you forget to switch on the mode. The phone will detect by itself that you are in a moving a car and will automatically turn on. And despite that, if someone sends you text, calls or other notification while driving, this feature will auto reply them, so the person will know that you are driving and will reply back once you stop driving.

This is an innovative idea. It was quite recently this previous end of the week that the discussion came up about the compulsion to answer a call, respond to an email or content while driving. A recommendation was made to keep the phone secured in the boot while you drive. However, said for well-being reasons that weren’t the course that people would go.

Discussing with reference to personal security, phone is a reason of diversion while driving and should be controlled anyway.

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