iPhones Defy Death After Falling From an Airplane and an Amusement Park Ride

July 16, 2018
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In two separate incidents, the iPhone has shown that it can survive falls from unbelievable heights. The unique thing about these events was that both phones weren’t protected by any special protective measures. Both were found virtually without any damage.

Dropped from an airplane

No one would expect to find a fully-functional phone if it’s dropped from a height of 1,000 ft. Sarvinder Naberhaus was flying on a vintage biplane as part of American Barnstormers 2018 tour when she dropped her iPhone while taking pictures. Upon landing, she tried to find her device but she was unable to track it. She was on her way to buy a phone when she thought of trying one more time. This time, she located her phone and drove to the exact coordinates.

While talking to a media reporter, she said: “I thought I heard some ringing. And, I’m trying to run. Where’s it coming from?”

A few moments later, she found her phone lying on a soft bed of tall grass. She later informed the pilot of the flight who was equally surprised at her luck.

Slung from a swing

While taking a ride on the world’s tallest swing ride, Cansel Yildirim was recording the footage of her experience when iPhone 7 Plus flew out of her hand. As the phone tumbled from a height of 450 feet, it kept recording even after it hit the ground.

Yildirim started searching for her phone via Find My iPhone and successfly located it. Much to her surpise, the case-less (yes, caseless) iPhone survived with only a scratch—and was still recording. While talking to a media outlet, Yildirim was grateful about the whole incident:

“It is truly a miracle that nothing has happened to my phone as it didn’t break or crack at all.”

These event may highlight the build quality of iPhone; however, it is always a good idea to protect a device with a case. Last month, a diver discovered an iPhone X on the riverbed and returned it to the owner in working condition.

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