iPhone SE 2 Notch Confirmed

May 14, 2018
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A bold step by Olixar, a case and screen protector manufacturer, shows signs of a notch on the highly anticipated iPhone SE 2.

They are offering a tempering glass screen protector for an iPhone that is yet to be confirmed. There is a possibility this iPhone may not even exist, but Apple fans are making some noise about what they expect to see from the cupertino giant.  

A lot is being said about what the second generation iPhone SE or iPhone SE 2 (for now) will look like. Two camps seem to have emerged among the people waiting for the revisions on this iPhone.

One group expects minor tweaks to the original iPhone SE, which only received an upgraded memory so far, while the other group expects a full iPhone X style notch. Face ID is highly unlikely to be a part of this phone at the expected $349 budget price tag compared to iPhone X’s $999 with Face ID. But an edge to edge 4.1 x 2.1-inch display with a notch will mean a bigger screen while the overall size of the phone decreases.

Smaller Notch

According to the dimensions of Olixar’s screen protector, the notch on iPhone SE 2 is about half the size of the iPhone X notch. This strengthens the case for no Face ID due to lack of sensors required for the operation. Lack of Home button means no Touch ID either, hence, how authentication may work is still a question mark for us.

iPhone SE 2 Leaks Are Rampant

On the other hand, a video shared on Chinese social media website Sina Weibo showed what appears to be something close to an iPhone 5s in terms of design, glass back, top and bottom bezels, Touch ID and a headphone jack. Credibility of this leak may not be very strong but there is still a chance of this design being adapted. Apart from this, there are several leaks on the internet doing the rounds and fueling the rumors along.

Possible Release Date

The screen protector for the iPhone SE 2 leak comes mere weeks before WWDC 2018, which is when reports and regulatory filings suggest the new iPhone SE may be announced.

However, it’s expected that we’ll see an actual release of the much-anticipated iPhone SE 2 somewhere in September, alongside Apple’s major iPhone releases.

Keep an eye on this spot for more news about iPhone SE 2 and further possible leaks!

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