Sporadic Reports of iPhone X Dual-Camera Cracking Are Emerging on Apple Support

May 24, 2018
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Over the past few months, iPhone X owners have started to report unexplained cases of dual-camera lenses getting cracked (or scratched) on Apple Support and Reddit. In many cases, the users said they were careful and never dropped their phones.

In some cases, users believe that the damage occurs due to cold weather:

“I was outside in the extremely cold weather and noticed that my rear camera lens had cracked.

But, this may not be the exact cause. Users from other parts of the world with different weather conditions have also reported this issue:

I live in Australia and no cold here. Soon as I got my phone I put it immediately into a strong case. I was wiping my screen and lens and noticed a small unnoticeable crack on the back lens. I have never dropped my phone and I don’t do any sort of activity with it.”

Another user writes:

My X also has a small crack in the camera glass. The phone has never been dropped, never been out of the case–and, I live in Hawaii, so not even cold weather. The phone is two months old.

In one case, the phone was well protected.

I had an OtterBox on it. I can’t even comprehend how it broke.”

It's the replacement cost that's the problem

However, that’s not the problem. It’s the replacement cost that is troubling the users.

In almost every case, Apple is treating these cases as “accidental damage” and asks for $549 for providing a replacement.

Why? There is no definite answer to that. However, it all comes down to how the iPhone X was designed. It’s plausible that the rear camera lens is a part of the back panel. (Evidently, a back panel replacement is priced similarly.)

This also brings Apple’s use of sapphire for the back camera protection into question. According to YouTuber JerryRigsEverything, Apple indeed uses sapphire glass lenses in its phones. Even though they are good enough to prevent getting scratched from keys or coins, the lens may not be as strong as the glass used in a Swiss Watch.

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In his iPhone X Durability Test video, he reiterated his stance on Apple sapphire glass in a passing reference.

Nonetheless, such issues are not easy to track. With millions of iPhone X devices out in the market, a few can have odd issues. For now, this problem does not look like a growing one.

By the way, if you have noticed a crack on your iPhone X, tell us about it in the comments. (Pictures will be awesome!)

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