iPhone X Price Expected to Cross Over $2,100 in Brazil on Release

November 23, 2017
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A recent update on the Apple’s official website reveals that the company is going to launch iPhone X in three additional countries in Latin America. The launch is pre-scheduled to take place in December.

The launch of the device will initially take place in Colombia on Dec 1st, and then later on, it will be released in Chile and Brazil on Dec 7th and 8th. People can easily get the device from specific retailers and authorized resellers within their respective state.

Price of Apple’s iPhone X in Brazil

Apparently, Brazil is going to start the sales of iPhone X at $6,999 Brazilian reals which is approximately $2,150 USD in coherence to the current exchange rate. The technological device will be available for the public on country’s in famous Apple Stores. The launch of the new iPhone X will send out products but there is no guarantee how many products are going to be dispatched. If you don’t know where the stores are located; well one is at the Village Mall in Rio de Janeiro while the other is in Morumbi shopping center located in Sao Paulo. It is advised that you make your way to the store on the prescribed date at the earliest before the product runs out.

Critiques and Apple’s Response

While, some critics believe that it is unfair as the price may double the original price of the iPhone X in United States of America which is approximately $999. But, Apple has a pretty good reason for that and they wish to point out that the high price of the device is the cause and effect of Brazil’s towering custom duty. Brazil charge 60 percent custom duty on imported products which skyrockets the value of the mobile phone up to $3,000. This price does not include other labor cost and freight charges even.

Apple Keeps Further Releases A Secret

Although, the pricing packages for Brazil are out… Apple still hasn’t spotlighted on the pricing plans for Chile or Colombia and neither has it shared the release dates of the product for other South American countries. But, one thing is for sure, depending on the custom duty applied to each of its shipment in different individual states, Apple may vary the pricing plans to compensate the amount incurred in shipping the product to the respective state.

Various Other Launches

iPhone X was first launched on November the 3rd all across the United States of America. The Cupertino company also dispatched the device to more than 50 different other states around the world. Also, today marks the date when iPhone X is released in Israel, Thailand, South Korea and Malaysia. It is also confirmed that the phone is going to be launched in Turkey, tomorrow.

One great improvement that Apple has supervised till now is that the official website of Apple will now ship the product on a timeline of 1-2 weeks instead of 5-6 weeks set on the initial launch. So, if you are located in Brazil and have longed to purchase iPhone X, well you should get into the line first hand as the stock is already quite limited.

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