iPhone X Resale Value Sets a New Record

July 24, 2018
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According to liquidation specialist B-Stock, a second-hand iPhone X holds up pretty well as it can retain up to 85% of its original value. This means a $999 model will be worth $849.15 at resale.

This is great news as smartphones don’t usually hold their value well due to a ultra-competitive, ever-evolving market. Even though iPhones tend to fare better, holding up most of the retail value is an accomplishment.

The same report indicated that iPhone X is a hot commodity for bulk-buyers. The flagship phone from Apple are acquired at 75% of is retail price if bought in big volumes. B-Stock observed that this could be due to high domestic demand as a staggering 98% of second-hand iPhone X models are bought locally in the USA.

With such statistics, it can be easily said that iPhone X has set a new record when it comes to secondary sales.

Considering a new lineup of iPhone X models are on their way, a high resale value not only benefits the common user, but it also opens up the possibilities for Apple to sell more devices as upgrades.

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