iTunes 12.6 Review And Features

July 10, 2017
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For those of you who are unaware of iTunes, it is a free application available on both Mac and PC which organized and plays your digital music and video. The content is synced across your devices so you can access it anywhere, anytime. iTunes contains over 13 million DVM-free, high-quality songs for very affordable prices, which makes it very successful and popular.

Apple surprised everyone by announced new devices, accessories, and apps the early in the morning on Tuesday. This announcement covered a spectrum of hardware devices and software, from which one of the main attraction is the new update of iTunes. Yes, Apple has re-released the iTunes 12.6 update, which gives it an exciting new look to match that of the iOS version.

If you have the previous version of iTunes, you may find the new iTunes 12.6 update in the App Store, otherwise, you might find two iTunes 12.6 updates. The version number of the newest number is 12.6.100.

Check out the new features of the updated version of iTunes below:

The Interface

Though the positions of many interface items have been shifted, the interface still looks quite familiar. The most prominent change is the introduction of the permanent buttons to switch between Library and Store mode, and content types, which were previously done via dropdown. Also, the back and forward arrows make it easier to navigate between visited pages.

interface itunes 12.6

“Show On Profile Page” – Removed

The “Show on Profile Page” toggle that used to appear on the edit page of the Playlist is removed. According to some tech forums, it is believed that the toggle did not perform anything and was left in by mistake or maybe it is the feature that Apple is working on but not ready yet. Furthermore, the User Icon button and Wish List button on the main window have also been removed.

show on profile

Apple Music

The Apple Music competes with the likes of Spotify, Groove Music, etc, which allow you to play any song in the catalog on demand for a monthly fee. Likewise, the Apple Music costs $9.99/monthafter 3 months free trial period.

Unfortunately, there is no web interface for this service, which may come handy to Windows PC users who use Apple Music from iTunes applications. The new update redesigned the service making it more feasible to use. Though the Apple Music choice is not available, but the users can benefit from Browse, For You, and Radio services.

apple music

It also added a music-focused social network, Connect, which can be accessed under For You. It allows you to follow your favorite performers and artists and interact with them in a card like a view, similar to Pinterest. Your profile automatically follows the artists after purchasing their songs, which is great to keep you updated. Moreover, the “New from Your Artists,” option tell you about the new releases from groups you’ve previously purchased

Rent Once, Watch Anywhere

“Rent once, watch anywhere” allow you to rent a movie on your iPhone, iPad or Apple TV, so you can now watch the movie on all those devices, something which was not possible before as previously the movies were restricted to the devices on which the rental was made. Now you can even play your rented movie to Apple TV by using AirPlay. Please note that in order to avail this feature; the operating systems of all your devices must be updated.

rent once watch anywhere

Mini-Player Switch

The mini-player can be accessed more easily in the newly updated iTunes. When you hover the mouse over the thumbnail of album art, a small icon with double box appears giving you a smaller, square CD cover view, which can further reduce down to a bar via squeeze icon.

The album view is still the same; a drop-down panel, however, the colors have been changed to gray rather than matched color of the album cover. The ““button allows you to add songs to a playlist, love or dislikes it, and share it as well.

multiplayer switch

Search Bar

Now the search option shows you the trending searches alongside your own library content and store items, so you can get an insight of the popular items. You just need to tap trending searches on your device, and it will show you the top albums and artists, which are updated throughout the day.

search bar itunes 12.6


There is no doubt that Apple gives high priority to iTunes. Though it is already equipped with high-end media tools which make it unparallel to its competitors, iTunes needs to stay up in their game in order to compete against Amazons, Netflix, and others. The new updates, such as full iCloud support, new mini-player, and especially cross-device rental movies make it more stand out than before. The user-interface is also improved, which will definitely add more value to it. Download itunes here.

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