Leaked iOS 11 GM Reveals Details About LTE Apple Watch

September 9, 2017
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Apple continues brilliantly with its products. Another iOS 11 magnificent feature leaked by Apple. Now this time the newest version of iOS 11 appears to have leaked this evening. It looks to have revealed the new LTE Apple Watch including a new watch face and Digital Crown.

Apple Watch Series 3 model would get a redesigned body to go along with it. Based on the leaked photos within the iPhone’s Watch application, the only external changes will be another shaded accent to the Digital Crown.

In the Apple Watch application, there’s a picture of what might be the third-generation Apple Watch with a cellular connection. The device has the same general design from the present Apple Watch, featuring a Space Gray body and matching and band, however it seems to have a splendid red Digital Crown. Code in the update suggests the Apple Watch will be able to make calls over LTE, sharing a phone number with the iPhone. The Apple Watch will be added to a current telephone design, and there are some clues that carriers will offer pricing advancements.

It looks like an odd design choice when they just exiled the spots from the iPhone to account for the new cutout section of the iPhone 8.

We additionally observe new complications for the phone and maps which also are seemingly indicators of LTE support.

There is also a screenshot of the Apple Watch Control Center that shows off the signal strength in the top left corner, and in addition a cellular symbol to flip on/off.

As confirmed by 9to5Mac, there are references to Face ID, which might be the name of the new facial recognition system in the iPhone 8, and there are images that feature the design of the iPhone 8 with thin bezels and a nick at the top of the device for the camera. The display of the device may feature True Tone support much like the iPad Pro, a feature that has been previously rumored.

Now this is done from all this new Apple Watch redesigned. So, do you like this new upgraded design and a color of Digital Crown? Show your interest in the comments below.

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