If You Live in the US, You Can Now own a Sim Free iPhone X

December 5, 2017
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It’s been over a month since the launch of iPhone X went viral across the Internet. And Apple has taken literal pride in bringing its new AR technology friendly phone to the forefront. But, since the official debut of the one, something revolutionary was still yet to emerge and the larger masses were not really aware of.

Apple has recently sent out a new carrier-agnostic model of the iPhone X. It is free of outside cellular branding which is that the phone does not include any third party phone chip. This specific iPhone X, however, is designed for people living within United States of America only.

Pre-Purchase Orders Are Already in Motion

Orders are now being accepted which makes a thrill among most US citizens wondering whether the technology is a limited edition or a permanent one. Surge of pre-orders are already in the basket and more keeps piling in with each passing day, exclaimed by an Apple insider.

Previously, iPhone X was only to be purchased on third party networks including the following:

  • AT & T
  • T-Mobile
  • Sprint
  • Or Verizon

However, if the phone is unlocked; one can use almost any SIM card of their choice on the device.

iPhone X is one such phone which is designed to adjust all kinds of sim cards including GSM and CDMA networks.

No Such Change on the High Price Tag

Even though the phone has removed third party inclusions of cellular networks, it is still remains a costly product for the world. The new iPHone X 64GB model will still cost around $999 and the 256GB model will cost a price tag of $1,149.

While purchasing an iPhone X using a third party sim card service would offer the liberty to an individual to pay up the original price of the phone in installments, this privilege is, however, not applicable for those purchasing the iPhone X without a SIM Card. They require to perform a full one time payment to buy the new iPhone X.

However, Apple still does offer a 24 month financing program for specific customers on specific credit cards.

When Will the New Phones Be Delivered

The website clears that the latest iPhone X orders (made today) will be dispatched and delivered by latest, 13th of December. If there is an Apple Store located nearby your place, you can actually pick the phone up today only.

As delivery expectations are concerned, since the launch of the new iPhone X, the shipment process was observing a delay due to production issues encircling Face ID. However, delivery estimates have incredibly improved over the past few weeks. iPhone shipments are reaching to their desired locations in just a week as compared to 4-5 weeks since its initialization.

Are you living in the US? Well, now might just be the time to make a purchase! Get an iPhone X free of third party cellular SIM Cards.

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