Logitech Crayon for iPad 2018 is Now Available For Schools

May 17, 2018
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The Logitech Crayon is a third-party lower cost stylus based off the Apple Pencil technology and it’s now available for schools at $49.95 which is half the price of an Apple Pencil.

The Crayon was announced in March at the ‘Education Focused Event’ in Chicago as a kid-friendly version of the actual Apple Pencil. The Crayon is supposed to be the perfect companion for the $329 iPad for students.

Logitech says it is designed specifically for the 6th generation iPad because it relies on short range RF rather than Bluetooth. This makes the crayon unusable on previous generations of iPad including the iPad Pro lineup. It is unclear if the crayon will be compatible with the upcoming iPad Pros.

The Crayon has you covered for most Apple Pencil features but not all.

Logitech Crayon is the first digital pencil designed for the new iPad and leverages technology found in Apple Pencil to deliver sub-pixel precision, low latency and support for tilt in a design that’s perfect for students. iPad features palm rejection technology and can tell the difference between Logitech Crayon and a hand resting on the display so students can write and draw naturally, just as they would with traditional pencil and paper.

What this description does not tell you is the lack of pressure sensitivity offered by the Apple Pencil. As an alternate mechanism, the tilted crayon draws thicker lines.

One of the kid friendly features on the Crayon, apart from being easier to hold, is the female Lightning port instead of a male one. This means that it does need a cable to charge, but is less likely to get broken and the cap won’t be lost because it is already attached to the stylus.

The pricing is meant for the education sector only. With $89 for the Pencil after a $10 discount for schools, the Crayon is sadly not available for the general public!

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