Low Light Photography Test in iPhone X Confirms the Upgrades in Telephoto Lens

November 24, 2017
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(Location, Date, Time) – Tim Cook took pride when he initially announced the launch of iPhone X in WWDC earlier this year. He also provided a major breakthrough within the industry with his ideology of shifting most Apple products towards the advancement of AR. Well, iPhone X was not the only phone the Cupertino Company manufactured this past year. There were two additional models which Mr. Cook introduced to the world.

iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus in specific. Last year, Apple took pride in launching its first iPhone model supporting dual lens camera and following in its wake, the Cupertino company included the same exact same camera in its latest model only with better sensors and high quality image processing. iPhone X takes the beat up a notch by introducing better optical image stabilization.

When it comes to clicking an image, what most casual users failed to realize was that the phone would fail to provide telephoto lens activation in both the cameras on time when zoomed to 2x. What Apple previously did was that it used to crop a wide angle of the image instead of optimizing the result and would end up clicking the image instantly.

This rarely occurred in cases when the user captured images in a low light sensitivity environment with the native Camera app. Instead of reducing the noise and rebuffing the blurring, the camera would end up instantly clicking the image with the most optimized quality results without undergoing an angle switch.

However, in the new version of the phone, things are a bit different.

How Things Are Different in the Latest Version of iPhone?

The telephoto lens automatically shifts on 2x zoom sensing low light sensitivity within the respective environment. As a result, the image gets a wider and better angle with correct optimization. This feature was also present in iPhone 7 Plus; yet, the response time was not as effective as that in iPhone X.

Multiple tests were performed by different individuals who got the new iPhone X for themselves to check which phone works best in low light sensitive environment. A renowned test was performed by Dan Provost in which he compared the iPhone 7 with the iPhone X in different ways. He was the first to crack the myth of the telephoto lens with 2x zoom mode selected.


When asked about his experimentation, he replied:

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