macOS Mojave and tvOS 12 Public Beta Now Available

June 26, 2018
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Let the testing commence! Apple has released the public beta of macOS Mojave and tvOS 12. Both of the operating systems were discussed during the WWDC Keynote Speech. Shortly after the event, the developer beta were released.

Now, the company wants the general public to get the taste of upcoming macOS and tvOS releases.

While tvOS gets a few feature updates, the same cannot be said for the macOS.

The new desktop operating system from Apple is no small news. At the time of launch, Mojave will be able to natively support iOS apps created by Apple. Then, there is the Dark Mode with system-wide integration. It means black (and dark grays) can become the new normal. With the introduction of Dynamic Desktop and Stacks, your desktop will look great and organized. MacOS Mojave will be available later this year on eligible devices.

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On the other hand, tvOS 12 comes with the support for Dolby Atmos sound equipment. Coupled with 4K picture quality, Apple TV will be able crystal clear picture quality with immersive sound. Like macOS Mojave, the final version of tvOS will be released somewhere in the coming months as a free update.

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