New Report Suggests All 2019 iPhone Models Will Use OLED Displays

May 29, 2018
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It seems Apple wants to make 2019 a breakout year for the iPhone. According to South Korean website ETNews, the company plans to exclusively use OLED as the display technology for its smartphones.

It’s widely rumored that Apple is preparing three new iPhones for this year’s launch with two using OLED displays. The remaining variant is expected to come with a LCD.

However, this may not be the case next year. According to “industry sources” familiar with the matter, Apple has “decided to put OLED in all new iPhone models in 2019. However, if there are more than three new models, an LCD model may be maintained.”

The report does not bode well for the companies who are producing LCD displays for Apple. Both Japan Display and Sharp saw their stock prices fall after the publication.

Good news for Samsung?

While Apple has been trying to cut its dependency on rival Samsung, the use of OLED displays in upcoming iPhone models is beneficial for the South Korean tech giant. Currently, only iPhone X comes with an OLED display manufactured by Samsung.

If OLED becomes the display of choice for future iPhones, a deeper partnership can be expected between Apple and Samsung. According to the report, the Korean giant might have to expand its production facilities in order to cope with Apple’s demands.

But, with the A3 OLED fabrication plant’s improved yield rates and the upcoming activation of the new A4 facility, Samsung seems prepared for any significant increase in orders.

But, smart businesses do not put all their eggs in one basket.

This is why Apple is looking for more partners. The company wants LG to join as a secondary supplier, considering it’s the sole provider for OLED displays used in Apple Watch. However, manufacturing constraints have prevented this partnership from finalizing.

Will 2019 bring the best iPhone yet?

With this new report, it seems Apple is planning to impress its users by bringing a revolutionary successor to iPhone X. Earlier today, it was reported that one of the 2019 models may get a triple-lens camera setup with advanced features.

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