Next-gen iPad with Face ID and no notch

November 11, 2017
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The people is enhancing their technology and upgrading everything step by step. As Apple has launched its latest technology “FACE ID SENSOR” in iPhone X, they are also working to place this feature in iPad pro in 2018.

By launching this feature in iPad, Apple can also test other feature on iPhone before rolling them to every devices. An obvious question arrives before the idea of FACE ID coming to the iPad.

The Question is about the ideal design, Apple slices out the notch at the top iPhone screen in order to get the true depth camera that Face ID needs into the iPhone X. On an iPad that is fundamentally intended to watch movies, it would be significantly to a greater issue.

As per the report it has also found out that iPad will not have the iPhone X’s OLED display, and due to this reason it will not get the edge to edge display. And it can also be possible that Apple may remove the need for notch and can fit whatever sensor it needs into the bezel.

iDropNews has assembled renders of what a 2018 iPad with Face ID and bezels would look like, and to be honest you guys would surely demand it. Because of the shrink bezels, iPad pro 10.5 inch has been a hit which the most recent launched.It has a tremendous effect on a tablet — you can fit a similar size screen into a little device, or get a laptop sized screen you can use with one hand.

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