Nintendo Made Epic Debut in Mobile Gaming Market with Super Mario Run!

July 8, 2017
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Nintendo has surprised the critics who underestimated and questioned the creativity they would offer the gamers with their initial steps towards the mobile gaming arena. It is a big relief, they didn’t fail their lovers as Mario is back to life this time on your Mobile screens. At the core, Super Mario Run, is an automatic runner which uses simple touch controls that you require to perform all kinds of actions. In brief words, it is the full-featured Mario game that happens to run on your iOS phone.

Gaming Modes:

Super Mario Run, is a game comprising of three different gaming experiences a user can pick for themselves that are namely as:

  • World Tour
  • Toad Rally
  • Kingdom Builder


The first few levels of the game will make any Mario fan feel right at home. To be honest, Run is the most convenient Mario game so far. With 2D level designs that live up to the series’ rock-solid reputation. It is also complimented with graphics and moves that refer favorable to the refined Super Mario Bros game on both Ds and 3Ds. With enhanced portability comes a few understandable sacrifices but it feels like a Mario game beginning to the end of its adventure. The ease with which you can make the Mario Jump bounce off-spin attack enemies in midair with a simple tap the screen feels great not limited rather than fight to reach the end of a level by mastering plat forming which is the easiest it’s ever been for the series your ultimate goal is to collect coins on your way to the finish line.super_mario_run_review2-0

Familiar gold coins are plenty but there is another harder to reach coins in every level that require more finesse and strategic platforming than usual. As fun as Super Mario Run, levels can be they are undoubtedly short and easy and it’s not hard to finish all of them in less than two hours if you simply aim for the finish line. When you choose to hunt for specific Coins rather than simply enjoy the flow and excitement of platforming run, unfortunately, loses some of its magic. This made it so gratifying at the start replaying levels then becomes somewhat of a grind with a small selection of levels and their brief nature is never so far removed from a stage that your next visit feels like a trip down the memory lane either. With the bank full of coins you can construct a small kingdom with houses, flowers and other flourishing outfitting your slice of land. There are many new characters awaiting you to unlock them so that they can have their go on your kingdom and adventure through the mushroom kingdom of Mario.


Most endless runner games for iOS are free or far cheaper than the 10 dollars that you have been asked to invest on the Super Mario Run (that you got to pay to play beyond the third level of the game).  Super Mario RUN is definitely one of the most polished examples of a mobile running game, without the option to run endlessly through procedurally generated levels you never get a chance to truly savor the active platform, the game’s best aspect. On one hand, it is a relief should your phone lose a data connection in the middle of a level you can still make it to the finish line but the game will not simply start or allow you to continue if you are in a dead zone or without the wifi. For a game, without traditional micro transactions or open-ended online competition, this requirement is simply baffling. It’s easy to fall run for various reasons but it’s still hard to totally lose appreciation for how well it’s brought the series core gameplay to smartphones. Simple controls are damned Super Mario Run offers great platforming and that distinct Mario charm that Nintendo’s perfected over the years. It’s a shame to find that it’s on the easy side and bereft of a long-lasting platforming adventure. But Super Mario Run is the sort of a game which you will be happy to have in your pocket and a testament to the series refined DNA.

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