Old, Slow And Unoptimized Apple Watch Apps to Be Barred

April 12, 2018
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Beta version of the latest watchOS shows early signs of demise for apps that have not been updated for years. This is part of Apple’s stance on the need for third-party apps to remain up to date for the newer Apple Watch models.

The apps being discontinued were written for first-generation Software Development Kit (SDK) and naturally aren’t optimized for the latest developments in the watchOS.  

This news will definitely cause some developers to drop their out-of-date Apple Watch apps out of the app store, which in the current beta version of the watchOS shows notification of the apps not being compatible with future OS updates. The developers simply need to update the app to improve both the user experience and their survival in the App Store.

Apple is yet to announce which future version of watchOS will mark the end of support for the ‘legacy applications.’ It could be watchOS 5 expected to be announced at WWDC this year with the latest generation of Apple Watches.

While phasing out might be bad in a sense that some developers will opt out of the leading Smart Watch seller’s store, led by Instagram, it is a good decision for Apple Watch in terms of the bigger picture.

The entire vision for Apple Watch changed with watchOS 2, and it’s about time the apps did too.

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