Pokemon GO Update Comes With A Blast for iPhone X Users

November 22, 2017
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The new version of the Pokemon GO is out NOW! It is a complete rehash update enclosing some of the most amazing upgrades for both iOS Version 1.53.2 and Android Version 0.83.1

Niantic, the brains behind Pokemon GO, has recently launched a new version of the game specifically designed to meet the minor requirements of the iPhone X. As we all know, that the new iPhone X has just been unveiled and it is becoming a dramatic norm within the technology stratosphere around the world.

The new version of the game is optimized with various bug fixes involving the fix for the infamous screen resolution issue in iPhone X. Niantic also removed the support from the application for older devices which are still running on the previous version of iOS such as the iOS 8 so the game is not compatible with older devices anymore.

Specific Bug Removal

You can now easily max out your Pokemon’s CP which was unachievable in the previous version of the application. Niantic has the taken out some time to resolve this bug in its latest updates. Also, It has fixed a glitch bug of error banner to sustain on the main screen once the app is initialized. Now, when you open the game there is a hard chance that you will be prompted with a sustainable error banner on the screen.

Additional to all such bug fixes, Niantic has supervised a wondrous clean sweep of the overall application. The update also provides improved load time as you enter the game.

What’s Interesting in the New Pokemon

Players of Pokemon GO are going to have a lead of few days before they go on their hunting spree. They are going to get the opportunity to catch Legendary Pokemon such as Entei, Raikou and Suicune.

Why catching these Pokemons necessary? It’s because they are going to be available only till November 30th in their final regions. These Pokemons are now on rotation and this month, Raikou is available in Europe and Africa, Suicune is available in America and Entei is available in Asia-Pacific region.

The Global Catch Challenge

Also, for our fans out there, Niantic would like to announce that the latest Pokemon GO event (The Global Catch Challenge) is on-air for a limited time. It’s a global event which allows players to capture a large number of Pokemon. That’s not all there is to it, as you catch large number of Pokemons, it will allow you to unlock more better rewards. You can capture almost 3 billion Pokemon’s before the event reaches an end.

However, only 4 days till the challenge ends! It is scheduled to shut down on 26th of November 2017.

In a Nutshell

In accordance to the released Patch Notes, Pokemon Go iOS Version 1.53.2/Android Version 0.83.1 contains the following updates:

  • Added support and made optimizations for the iPhone X screen resolution.
  • Removed support for devices running iOS 8.
  • Resolved a bug causing error banners to remain visible until the app is restarted.
  • Resolved a bug that prevented Trainers from powering up Pokemon to their max CP.
  • Improved load times when you open the app.
  • Various bug fixes and performance updates.

Happy Pokemon Hunting this Season!

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