Predictions of the Launch of New iPhone SE 2 Are Positive for Next Year

November 22, 2017
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Since the early August of 2017, the buzzword has surrounded the market regarding the launch of a new version of iPhone SE and a recent analytical report organized by the Chinese community declares the authenticity of the news. The new iPhone SE 2 is up for launch and it is going to be manufactured at Wistron, India and will be exclusively set on sale around the world.

Launch Date Prediction

Although, there aren’t any possible updates regarding the launch of the rumored device. However, predictions forecast that it will be in-line with the launch of previous model of the iPhone SE. iPhone SE was initially published and sold on the market in March 2016.

Wistron Steps Into Bangalore

The production of the new iPhone SE started of earlier this year in Bangalore, India. Wistron governed the production; though the Chinese still claim that their production facility is not anywhere near the production base located in mainland China. However, with the dream of expansion, Wistron is led to invest in starting up a new production base in Bangalore which is supposed to assist Apple’s mobile phone exports par excellently around the world.  

The New iPhone SE 2 Design

The new iPhone SE 2 is designed with the aptitude to deliver a budget friendly handset to the future generation. The reason behind the launch of SE 2 is not only to supersede the consumption of larger models but it is also to enhance the market of classic design and creating availability of the Apple device to mass population.  

Rumors in the Air

A previous published report of the iPhone model projected that the new model of iPhone SE is optimized to provide a performance oriented rendering. Previously, it was rumored that the possibility of including A10 chips (initially introduced with iPhone 7) in iPhone SE 2 is eminent. However, the report authenticized the rumors as true.

Although, rumors were out regarding the iPhone X style screen to be adapted by the new iPhone SE model. However, the chances still sound pretty low for the readers poll as their aren’t any published reports out yet. No further such plans are observed and announced for the new model of the phone.

Being an ultra-portable device and a low cost phone, it will become a challenge to make something that imitates the new iPhone X edge to edge screen and so on.

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