Questionable ‘iPhone SE 2’ Screen Protector Hints at iPhone X-Like Sensors

June 1, 2018
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A leak purporting an iPhone SE 2 screen protector has surfaced, and if the cutout on top is to be taken seriously, then we’re getting Apple’s TrueDepth camera and all the fancy sensors that shipped with iPhone X.

Initially leaked by Sonny Dickson on Twitter, the supposed iPhone SE 2 screen protector can be seen alongside an iPhone X protector. If there’s authenticity behind the leak, then rumors of Apple shrinking down on the technology used in their most recent and most popular iPhone to accommodate in the small form factor iPhone are coming true.

Face ID or not?

iPhone SE, which hasn’t really received any major update in the past couple of years, will see its biggest overhaul this year. So while the two protector seem almost identical, it’s important to note that the notch on the smaller accessory is slightly shallow, which might hint at no Face ID.

On the contrary, though, there’s no cutout for Touch ID, which means Apple has successfully managed to reduce the entirety of iPhone X’s notch technology into a smaller footprint.

But! Take everything with a grain of salt as leaks are seldom reliable.

iPhone SE was initially launched in 2016, and became a popular choice for users who prefer the smaller form factor of the iPhone 5 and 5S series.

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